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No Excuses University School

What is no Excuses University?
NEU is based on the idea that “Every student deserves the opportunity to be educated in a way that prepares them for college if they so choose to attend.” The Six Exceptional Systems are a guide for schools in the No Excuses University network to help teachers and students prepare and believe they can attend college. The Six Exceptional Systems help schools focus on the most important job of a school, learning and better result in students’ education.

Implementing the Six Exceptional Systems is the most important part of being a No Excuses School. With these systems in place the opportunities for attaining a college education increase.

What do the No Excuses University Exceptional Systems Mean?

Culture of Universal Achievement: When you believe in someone so much it can change their attitude and way of teaching and learning. When teachers believe in their students, students start believing in themselves too, and that makes all the difference.

Collaboration: teachers work together in an effort to prepare students for college, through professional collaboration and professional development Monday afternoons.

Standards Alignment: Teachers plan their lessons using the right standards for the grade level that they teach. Every teacher at Davidson aligns their teaching to the standards.

Plan for Assessments: Teachers plan for assessments that align to standards. Successful common assessments will show teachers, if students have learned the standards. Then the teacher can plan on changing or continuing interventions or lessons.

Data Analysis: Data should be the common language at any NEU school. Teachers analyze the data to plan for interventions and lessons.

Interventions: Data is used to plan interventions. Interventions provide data that teachers use to analyze the effectiveness of their interventions.

Guided Language Acquisition Development (GLAD) School

What is a Project GLAD School, and how can it benefit your student?

“GLAD® (Guided Language Acquisition Design) is one of a handful of existing instructional models that aim to help teachers by providing differentiated strategies to integrate instruction in English and grade-level content in a heterogeneous, mainstream classroom. Project GLAD is a K-12 instructional model consisting of 35 well-articulated strategies.”

“Project GLAD does not simply build basic English conversation skills, but it specifically develops academic English, building the vocabulary and linguistic structures that students must use to participate in context-rich discourse. In many classrooms, knowledge of academic English is presumed rather than explicitly taught; this can be problematic for all students, but particularly for ELLs.”

“The ultimate goal of Project GLAD is to ensure that all students, ELLs and native English speakers, are able to read and write grade-level text and access academic content. Project GLAD seeks to accomplish this by training teachers to use instructional strategies that can be integrated with any curriculum in different subject areas. Most commonly, these areas are in science and social studies.”

University Prep Academy
Your child may have the opportunity to participate in an academic intervention for additional support. Your child’s teacher, supported by assessment data, mat recommend that your child participate in the University Prep Academy. The University Prep Academy will work with students who are at the urgent intervention level in early literacy and reading skills, as well as English Language Development, focusing on reading comprehension and writing. The University Prep Academy groups will be offered throughout the school day

University Ambush Academy
Your child may be referred to the University Ambush Academy, which provided intensive intervention and extension for students who are almost, or barely at grade level. We want to make sure that our students almost at grade level get the extra push so that they do not fall behind. University Ambush begins promptly at 9:00am

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